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1873 Black Powder Single Action .44 5 1/2 (1873 Percussion Revolver). .44 CALIBER 5 1/2 BARREL (The above photo shows the 4 3/4 barrel. The 5 1/2 model is exacly the same, except the barrel extends 3/4 longer than the ejector housing.) LIMITED QUANTITY IN STOCK! Black Powder Revolvers - Welcome to F.IIi Pietta1851 Navy; 1860 and 1861 Models; 1873 Single Action; 1836 Paterson; 1858 New Models; 1858 Starr; 1862 Dance; 1862 Spiller; 1863 Pocket; Lemat

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The Liberty has factory laser engraving on the barrel, cylinder & frame and Ultra Ivory Grip with the Liberty Eagle laser engraved on it. This unique firearm is a must have for every collector or shooter of Western firearms. Manufactured by F.LLI Pietta. Shown in 5 1/2 barrel length. E.M.F. Company, Inc, 1900 E Warner Ave, Ste 1D, Santa Ana Recognizing EMFs contribution to and stability in the firearms industry, Alberto and Alessandro Pietta of F.LLI Pietta (Italy) stepped up to invest in EMF, with Debbie Sims, former Chief Operating Officer, stepping up as the new President/CEO. Since Pietta Firearms is EMFs largest supplier, this was a "win/win for both companies. Emf Co 1900 E Warner Ave Santa Ana, CA Sporting Goods In December 2008, EMF & Pietta debuted the GWII "Pony E" revolvers designed specifically for Cowboy Mounted Shooting competition. Even as Early & Modern Firearms, Inc Celebrates its 53rd Anniversary of service to the trade, we point toward the future.

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Mar 05, 2020 · Range Testing the Bat Masterson E.M.F. Great Western II The Bat Masterson E.M.F. Great Western II, built by F.lli Pietta in Italy, is available for a reasonable $705 with the very fine imitation stag grips, a 3-1/2 inch barrel with full length ejector, bright nickel finish and the W.B. MASTERSON name engraved on the backstrap. To put the new Pietta model (which is actually a custom version of HARTFORD New and Used Price, Value, & Trends 2021NIB F>LLI PIETTA 1860 HARTFORD ARMY STEEL 44 BLACK POWDER 8" BRL 6 RNDS 641996740022 G-I-20838 West Plains, MO 65775:New: Other Model .45 Colt E.M.F. Company Inc. EMF Hartford SA 45 LC no reserve .01 7 inch " barrel. PRICE:$440.00 MANUFACTURER:E.M.F. Company Inc Pietta Firearms - 1851 Brass frame standard and deluxeHi guys , we are back. This is the 2nd day of our virtual show. Enjoy the presentation piettausa pietta.it wmf-company #piettaguns #piettafirearms #virtualshow #piettarevolvers #1911 #mossyoak #chronos

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E.M.F. Company,Inc & Pietta Alessandro Pietta (Pietta Firearms) Get a nice mention in True West Magazine. Pietta Love! #blueridgemarksman #piettafirearms #pietta #EMF #cowboyaction #singleaction #suddenimpactgrips Pietta Smith Carbines - EMF Company, Inc.Manufactured by Massachusetts Arms Company of Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, the American Machine Works in Springfield, Massachusetts, or the American Arms Company in Chicopee Falls and distributed by Poultney & Trimble of Baltimore, Maryland, the Smith carbine was a .50 caliber breech-loading rifle patented by Gilbert Smith on June 23, 1857 and successfully completed the Military Trials Pietta, F.lli 1873-donald Trump - For Sale ::GunsBrand PIETTA (EMF COMPANY INC) Category Revolvers Caliber 45 Colt (LC) Model 1873 Series Trump Action SAO Barrel Length Range 4" to 4.99" Capacity 6 Cylinder Finish Nickel Engraved Frame

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Lot 996:Two F. Lli Pietta/EMF Great Western II Single Action Revolvers Auction Date:April 22, 2020 Two F. LLI Pietta/EMF Great Western II Single Action Revolvers with BoxesWelcome to F.IIi Pietta - Historical weapon reproductionsEstablished in Gussago, Italy in 1963, Pietta was instrumental in pioneering the historical firearms category. Today, Pietta is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality, replica firearms of the past and innovative, modern firearms of the present.