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Garlock Expansion Joints offer superior performance, reliability, and service life, resulting in improved plant safety and increased mechanical integrity of equipment. As specifically engineered products that are inserted in a rigid piping system, Garlock Rubber Expansion Joints will: FLUID HANDLING Unaflex Expansion JointsLightweight rubber expansion joints available in style 156, U-type, no arch, for vacuum only; style 185, round U-type, no arch, steel reinforced for vacuum and pressure. Style 156 body is of duck and rubber without metal reinforcing.

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Flexicraft Industries manufactures all types of metal expansion joints, rubber expansion joints, and other expansion joints for piping, as well as other related Flexible Piping Solutions and other piping related products is your one call for every style of expansion joint and flexible connector. A complete line of products, combined with General Rubber From the Simple to the Simply Amazing!General Rubber is proud to announce:Our Series 1100 Performance Rubber Expansion Joints are now certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372 for Drinking Water Systems Components Health Effects.Effective immediately all sizes and models are available with an EPDM, NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 certified elastomer. Proco Series 230 Rubber Joints - Expansion Joint SupplierProco Series 230 Rubber Expansion Joints are designed for piping systems to absorb pipe movements, relieve stress, reduce system noise/vibration, compensate for misalignment/offset and to protect rotating mechanical equipment against start-up surge forces. The Style 231 and FA231:Single wide-arch product and work horse for industrial applications available in open arch and filled arch

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Single Wide Arch Style 1101. Style 1101 single (1) wide arch rubber expansion joint (REJ) is designed to absorb large all-directional movements, reduce noise and vibration, have a cycle life in the tens of millions, compensate for misalignments, provide access to piping and equipment and relieve pipe and anchor stresses. RUBBER EXPANSION JOINTSStyle:SA Single Arch style molded rubber expansion joints are designed to absorb movements and stress on piping systems, compensate for pipe misalignment, reduce vibration and system noise. They also protect against start-up forces as well as system surges. All SA style joints come standard with ANSI 150# solid floating metallic flanges. Rubber Expansion Joints - Kadant Fluid HandlingHand-crafted rubber expansion joints available in single- and multiple-arch designs are custom-built to fit your application requirements. Options include PTFE-lined, concentric reducing, eccentric reducing, filled arch, lightweight, and off-set configurations. With a wide range of elastomers, Kadant Unaflex expansion joints can be designed to

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Unaflex® "Supreme" Arch-type Expansion Joints are the WORKHORSE of our line. The arch design is the key that furnishes the flexibility required. Basic styles available in single, multiple or wide arch constructions are:styles 150 for pressure and vacuum, style 200 for Heavy Duty pressure and vacuum, and style 200XL for very high pressure service. SUPER-FLEX WIDE ARCH - Style 1000 H.S. White Corp.The wide arch of the Superflex style 1000 allows for better flow and less turbulence in the piping system sometimes caused by the arch of an expansion joint. The wide arch also decreases the entrapment of solid materials from depositing within the arch by allowing the flow to continually flush the arch. Style 1100, 1101, 1102, 1103 & 1104 - Features and Wide flowing arch design; Exceptional all directional movement capability; Virtually eliminates sediment build-up; Higher pressure rating than conventional expansion joints; Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance; Full vacuum rating (-1 Bar g) in all style 1101 sizes; For multi-arch full vacuum applications refer to style 1200

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These joints reduce stress, vibration, and noise in plastic piping systems by providing a point of flexibility to absorb movement. Joints provide a tighter seal than other expansion joints because the flanges are molded into the body for a wide sealing surface. Each flange is supported by a zinc-plated steel plate. Flanges mate with a same-size flat-surface Class 150 flange without the need