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Aluminum Adjustable Edge Grip, Diameter:1/2'', Standoffs

Our Adjustable Edge Grips are the perfect solution without the need to drill holes in your material. With a variety of different finishes in Stainless Steel and Aluminum, we are sure to have an Edge Grip that makes your project stand out. This line of edge grips will make your project shine with the ability to hang up anything up to 1/4''. Aluminum Sign standoff 19*25 with Satin finished standoffs Oct 05, 2016 · Aluminum gold anodized standoffs,stand-offs gold anodized,steel stand-offs Aluminum Sign standoff 19*25 with Satin finished standoffs Aluminum pipe standoffs glass wall mounted standoff bracket. Aluminum gold anodized standoffs,stand-offs gold anodized,steel stand-offs Aluminum Sign standoff 19*25 with Satin finished standoffs Aluminum pipe

Anodized Aluminum Gyford Standoff Systems

The anodizing process has a real advantage over paint in that it doesnt allow color to flake or peel, and is much more resistant to fading. Anodized finishes are integrated into the underlying material and can be cleaned with gentle soap and water. Black Anodized Standoffs - Hex, Round and Square Standoffs Aluminum female-female square standoffs are nonmagnetic and corrosion resistant with a clear or black anodized finish. Weighing less than steel, they are commonly used when a lightweight fastener is needed, such as with electronics or aircraft parts. Cheap Standoffs Aluminum & Stainless Steel Sign MountsCheap Standoffs - Sign Mounts and Metal Screw Covers at Great Prices! Some of our newest varieties feature blue and red anodized finishes, while most customers like the more traditional satin silver or chrome look. The affordable stainless steel models are durable and may even be used in places that experience some weather, like

China Stainless Steel Table Sign Standoff for Counter-Top

Table Sign Standoff is a functional fastener used to assemble a sign panel on the table. Typically, 2 Table Sign Standoffs are needed to help a sign board or printed panel to stand still on the table or counter top. Normally we use the Aluminum with finish of Anodized processing Stainless steel with Polished Mirror and Brushed Satin Brass Custom Colors, Finishes & Designs Gyford Standoff SystemsGyford StandOff Systems can custom anodize most parts in a variety of different colors. Browse the color selection below for samples and call 775.829.7272 for additional questions or to place your custom anodized color order. Letters and Numbers cut from aluminum with 50 finishesAluminum can come satin brushed, Polished, Painted or Anodized. Anodizing is a chemical process that hardens the micro thin top layer of the aluminum to leave it impervious to weather and the effects of oxidation. Anodized letters do not require clear coating to keep them from tarnishing outdoors or indoors.

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The anodized coating on these lightweight spacers provides increased abrasion resistance over uncoated These standoffs are designed to fit in the limited space of compact electronics such as laptops and hand About half the strength of medium-strength steel coupling nuts, these nuts are for light duty fastening applications. Metric Low Sign Standoffs Aluminum & Stainless Steel Wall Mounting Shop for standoffs, DIY office signs, and other wall mount hardware in cheap aluminum and stainless steel. Let SignStandoffs add modern style to your acrylic & glass installations! Live Chat Log In Register Customer Service. 1-800-572-2194. Toggle navigation. Search. Browse Products Sign Mounting Hardware Stylish Signage Kits for Retail The aluminum models feature anodized finishes in satin silver, titanium gray, and black. Steel standoffs come with electroplated finishes like chrome and gold with mirror-like surfaces. The stainless steel types feature the traditional brushed finish, with the caps displaying the tell-tale "X" reflection.