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2002 Macri Italia Euro Series 80 Tube Bending Machine Includes Servostar 640/670 Digital Servo Amplifier Bender:Euro 80 CN1 SCS (S/N:020100910) Server:S 67001 Nam I 70A (S/N:0730291127) The Euro Series 80 is a single axis (Y) machine for bending tubes made of stainless steel, iron, copper, brass or other special alloys up to 3.15 (80 mm CNC electric tube bending machine - Right- and left-handed Electric tube bending machine for tubes of diameter up to 150 mm in diameter. Bending orientations:right-handed or left-handed convertible, right-handed and left-handed in-process and multi-radius.

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Thanks to the high quality of our CNC tube bending machines we are able to work any kind of metal, from the smallest medical tube to the large oil pipe. Our Italian pipe bending machines are highly customizable and they can be totally designed and personalized to meet all our customers requirements. Discover the series of our tube bending machines and know more about EVO BEND, FULL BEND, HEAVY BEND Macri Italia on Tube 2018 fair April 16-20 Italian Apr 16, 2018 · A global trade fair, dedicated to tube processing and machining industry will be held in Düsseldorf on April 16-20. Business is conducted here; valuable contacts are made and cultivated here; and here you will also see the global innovations that everyone will be talking about tomorrow. Over 1200 participants will be expecting over 30 thousands Continue reading "Macri Italia on Tube 2018 Macri Italia s.r.l - Home - Supplier of Machine ToolsMacri is the only company to offer pipe bending machines provided with auto-learning software. Macri has reached the leaders in the bending machine field, yet Macri has not extended the production to any complementary sectors but rather has focused on tube benders production, obtaining a maximum level of specialization. MACRI TUBE BENDING MACHINES

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Examples of prototypes on tubes with different diameter and gauge, made with Macri tube bending machines. MACRI WORLDWIDE Macri Italia srl Via Maddalena, 62 - 25075 Nave (Brescia) Italy - Tel. +39 030 2532216 - Fax +39 030 2538084 [email protected] - P.Iva:02095860983 - REA 414973 - Cap. soc. versato: 10.400,00 - cookies policy - privacy policy Pipe Bending Machine Manufacturers FactorneedYLM company is a leader in the production of NC and CNC machines in the metal industry and in the production of various types of pipe bending machines, pipe head forming, cutting machines, wire bending machines, 6-axis robots, automation systems, machines Laser cutting machines, center chipping machines and a variety of tube feeding systems. Used Machines - TubeWireUsed Pedrazzoli bending machine model BM90MRV year 2015 that is able to bend up to OD 90×5 mm. This machine can bend the complete bar. This machine has all manuals and also 3 set of tools for OD 40 -52 -60,3 mm. This bending machine has Read More

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machines with brushless motors. bending machine with standard and variable radius 3-5 axes capacity and 90. easyand programmed learning software with programming in cad, cartesian and machine coordinates. graphic program in 3d with touchscreen. anticollision graphic with inspection of the piece feasibilityand a correction. macri italia srlElectric tube bending machines » MacriMacri Italia:electric tube bending machines Macri, manufacturer of tube bending machines located in Brescia is a high tech company which produces CNC tube bending machines, Macri sells all over the world and export 70% of its production, looking over to emerging markets too.